Portland and Easy Tomato Crostinis

A and I just returned from our trip to Portland. After getting invited to a wedding on Hood River earlier this year we figured we’d head out west early and see what Portland was all about. We ate and walked our way through the town, reveling in the lack of humidity and glorious weather that is the Portland summer. Our big take aways? Portland has lots of food trucks, breweries, espresso bars, and strip clubs (not so sure what’s up with that last one but hey, to each his own!).

Chowing down at a food truck - A found his favorite hot sauce here.

Powell's Books might have been my favorite place.


A little afternoon wine and poetry never hurt anyone.

Sushi lunch was delightful.

This city sure knows how to do it’s food and drink. Dinners out at Blue Hour and Le Pigeon were standouts. A talked about the burrito (our first meal) and hot sauce from Titos (above) the whole trip. I savored a sandwich and chilled beet soup from Addy’s for lunch while A devoured some chicken rice from a nearby truck, which lived up to the same dish we loved while in Singapore.

Of course after all of this indulgence, we needed a break. These crostinis were a perfect impromptu lunch that didn’t bust our guts.


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One Response to Portland and Easy Tomato Crostinis

  1. Sarah says:

    These look good! Thanks for the shoutout as the non-goat cheese-loving freak of nature :) The spiced greek yogurt sounds yum. I’d put that on chili or a salad, too!

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