Lavender Scones

My baby sister is pregnant! The second grand child and her first child is on the way! M got married just last year and wasted no time starting the family she and her husband always wanted. I was M’s maid of honor, which I was only too happy to be. As a gift to me, M gave me saffron (a most excellent choice) and lavender. The lavender was somewhat comical since she purchased it by weight and decided that 1 pound would be perfect. If you’ve never seen 1 pound of lavender, imagine the pillow you sleep on full of lavender buds rather than down feathers. It’s a lot of lavender! We had a great time laughing about it the night before her wedding.

Since then, I’ve found great uses for the stuff. For one, it is excellent just sitting by the bedside or out on the table for aroma. Delicious. I’ve also given a few bags away (still with plenty of my own).










My first baking adventure with the aromatic was scones. These are perfect for breakfast or dessert. They’re only slightly sweet and the lemon mixed with lavender offers a refreshing midsummer day treat, especially with a cup of tea (iced or hot). So while I await my second niece, I will continue to search for more lavender recipes (like lavender chocolate cupcakes, or lavender lemonade!).


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3 Responses to Lavender Scones

  1. Mer says:

    Lovely way to use the lavender! Other uses for 1 pound bag of lavender:

    -decorative pillow
    -1 lb weight for muscle toning
    -paper weight for a very large piece of paper
    -centerpiece of dining table at a lavender party
    -necklace pendant for a giant

  2. ELF says:

    Yesss! Now I can make scones these with a bit of lavendar from my bestest friend ;) These will make the Brits proud!

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