Shrimp and chorizo pitas with roasted vegetables

Last weekend I had one of my girlfriend’s over for a small Oscar’s viewing party. Of all the films nominated this year, I’ve seen three, as had my friend. So of course, we filled out scorecards guessing who would win each category basing our picks on thorough research and critical thought (eanie meanie minie moe…).

We cracked some champagne and played Joan Rivers, critiquing each celebrity who came down the red carpet. How adorable was Michelle Williams? More often than not, we also graciously applauded the winners of the categories we had guessed incorrectly. C’est la vie.

The key to comfortably eating while watching incredibly fit, done-up, stunning looking people smile and wave is packing tons of flavor in seasonings rather than fats. Heidi Swanson’s Moroccan inspired roasted vegetables were a great pairing with these pitas that couldn’t be easier to put together.


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