Cocktail Cookies and Gifts for the Host(ess)

What’s your favorite gift to give to a host/hostess when you’re invited to dinner? Better yet, what’s your favorite gift that you’ve received as a host? I know that wine is a go to gift for a lot of people. I think wine or liquor is a great gift to give. Of course you have to be careful that you are not bringing a beverage that you want to drink and disguising it as a gift. Like if you know your host loves gin but you’re on this bourbon  kick and you bring a bottle, hoping they’ll crack it open. Yea, that’s a gift for you.

Etiquette does not require a host to open any bottle you bring. He, she, or they, have planned a menu and drinks accordingly. If you bring something that does go with dinner or the event, good on you! But keep in mind there is not obligation for the host to open said bottle.

Of course, since a bottle of wine is almost expected as the gift item, why not shake things up a bit and bring something different? A and I went to our friends’ home for dinner recently and made these cookies to bring in addition to some wine.

We knew these friends were sure to make a stellar meal, so the thank you was for more than just the invitation. They also know and enjoy their wine, so we didn’t want to not bring wine as well. These cookies were the perfect addition so that we did not overwhelm them with gifts, but also said an extra thank you for the delicious meal (Thanks again M & H! Still thinking about that potato gratin!).

The fantastic Dorie Greenspan provided cocktail cookie recipes in November’s Food & Wine magazine. I did not adjust these recipes so you can find links to the recipes below.

Note: When you are cutting out the cookies, make sure you can push the dough out through the top of the cookie cutter. My cookie cutter did not have an opening at the top so I ended up using toothpicks to get them out, it was a little tedious.

Chocolate Cayenne Cocktail Cookies


Salty Black-and-White Sesame Cocktail Cookies

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